Editing DM2 Hi Hat midi events in Logic

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I have a difficulty with editing some of my hi hat midi events in Logic Express, having recorded a track using my DM2 plug-in.

I have a group of three hi hat events - two closed hat hits followed by an open hat event. So it sounds like 'ta ta tsshh'. For many of these groups of three events, everything works and plays back fine. But for some of the groups, the open hat sound does not occur - despite the fact that the open hat event is present in the same relative position as occurs on the 'successful' groups of three events.

When I stick the pointer over the 'rogue' open event, I hear the open hat. Yet when I play back the group of three, I simply get three closed event sounds - 'ta ta ta'.

I have tried cutting the 'unsuccessful' groups of three, and pasting in a copy of a 'successful' group of three. Guess what - no open hat sound!

I have looked also at the pedal events, and these seem to be ok and the same between both types of groups (though I admit I am less clear on this).

Can someone point me in the right direction on this. Is the problem with Logic, or with my hi hat or with DM2, or with my total lack of understanding? Is it the length of the midi note, or the spatial arrangement relative to pedal events / closed hat events that is critical? Why can't I easily add an open hat sound?

All help greatly appreciated! Many thanks!

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Post Sat Nov 05, 2011 11:03 am

jouxplan, I'd check your note lengths first, and see if any closed hat overlap might be choking off the open one before it can sound. If you have a "piano roll" style editor, just zoom in close and check that there's a little space between them.

Also, make sure that pasting "working" midi events in Logic replaces the old content, not adds to it. Some DAW midi sequencers work that way, and that could cause the same choking issue as well.

Check for doubled notes too. Especially after quantizing, two midi notes can sit on top of each other and cause note-on problems. Highlight and delete "trouble" notes to see if another copy is under them. If not, just hit undo and no harm done.

Lastly, check the polyphony in the plug-in itself, and your cpu resources. If the arrangement gets dense, you might get some dropped notes if your voice reserve isn't high enough or other samples playing at the same time keep them from sounding. If you can, set your virtual instrument and DAW midi operations to last note priority, and give your drum kit at least a 12-16 voices to work with (I use 28 to keep my cymbals ringing all day!).

Hope this helps, cheers!

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