Hugh Padgham "Big Fill Kit" for BFD released Sonic Reality

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Post Fri Jan 24, 2014 8:56 am

Here's the official press release:

Hugh Padgham “Big Fill Kit” Sampled Drum Library Released from Sonic Reality

January 24, 2014, Sunrise, Florida - Sonic Reality sound development company has teamed up with legendary producer/engineer Hugh Padgham, known for recording top albums in the 80s with artists like Phil Collins, Genesis, The Police, Sting and more. In this new sample library series, together with Sonic Reality producer Dave Kerzner, Hugh is recreating iconic drum kit sounds in the studio using the same mics and equipment he used on classic albums such as Peter Gabriel’s 3, Phil Collins Face Value, Genesis Abacab, The Police Ghost In The Machine and more!

The first release in the series is the Hugh Padgham “Big Fill Kit” made for Fxpansion’s popular BFD software. This is a BIG single head 7 tom Premier drum kit sampled in the stone live room of “The Farm”, a studio that belongs to the band Genesis and a place where countless hit songs have been recorded. This new session decades later was done with the same SSL® mixing console Hugh used in the 80s and captured with the same microphones including the infamous “Ball & Biscuit” mic which was a signature element in the discovery and original creation of the famous
“big fill” drum sound heard on songs like “In The Air Tonight” by Phil Collins and “Intruder” by Peter Gabriel.

"A lot of people have asked over the years how one can get this big huge drum sound from songs like "In The Air Tonight" and others I recorded with Phil Collins, Genesis and Peter Gabriel in the early 80s.” says Padgham “It's due to a combination of many things besides the way it was played by the drummer. Sonically this sould include the sound of the single head 7 tom drum kit in a stone live room, the microphones along with their placement and the way I processed them with the SSL. I remember the details of these sessions and have talked about it for years. Now with Sonic Reality I had the pleasure of going back to Genesis' studio, The Farm, to recreate and capture these iconic drum sounds for new generations of musicians to use in their music today."

The Hugh Padgham Big Fill Kit is available now for download world-wide in BFD2 (BFD3 compatible) format exclusively from for the launch of the product. Other format versions of the kit such as Reason 7, SampleTank 3, Kontakt and more are planned as well. A recreation of drum kit sounds in the style of other albums such as The Police Ghost In The Machine are planned with Hugh Padgham and Sonic Reality later this year.

Link to download: ... ode=HPBFKN

MSRP $99. (pre-order discount is only $69 - delivery starts this coming week or sooner!)
Format: BFD2 (Note: BFD2 or BFD3 by Fxpansion is required to use this product).

This product is a collaboration soley between Sonic Reality and Hugh Padgham. No official affiliation with any of the artists mentioned is implied. All trademarks and tradenames are the property of their respective owners.

About Sonic Reality:

Sonic Reality is a sound development/music software company founded in 1996 by producer Dave Kerzner. SR has been partner to many keyboard and software instrument manufacturers providing sounds for some of the most popular products used in music. Dave and SR have co-produced sample libraries with legendary engineer/producers and artists such as Ken Scott, Alan Parsons, Hugh Padgham, Allen Sides and Ocean Way, Nick Davis, Nick Raskulinecz, Neil Peart, Nick Mason and more. The main mission of Sonic Reality is to bring rare top quality studio instrument sounds to the computers and mobile devices of today’s musicians. With these tools musicians, songwriters and producers of all ages and levels of experience can afford to make music with inspiring album quality production elements created with iconic masters in the field of music.
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Post Tue Jun 10, 2014 1:21 pm

I'm just loving these new BFD kits from Sonic Reality. They are the best drum products yet, though I continue to use and enjoy regularly the entire range of SR drum products released over the past 10+ years. As a matter of fact, I'm having some great results by combining assorted REX drums grooves from the Studio Profiles, DrumMasters and Epik Drums and combining them with extra or layered drum parts played with these BFD kits and the results are terrific.

This Hugh Padgham kit, in particular, is a very useful addition with it's additional overhead or room microphone. Combining that mic with the basic overhead and room microphones gives you a massive amount of room tone which you can customize easily to get a whole range of space variations so that you can make the drums fit with anything. I've been loving the how the snare sounds, and finding it perfect for layering with acoustic drum loops that are close-miced. You play along with this this more spacious snare and all of a sudden you've transformed a dry loop into something else altogether--something much more full and ambient according to your preference in balancing the two. This "big fill" sound of this Padgham snare is also perfect for playing along with Jazz loops too. It sounds very believeable to my ears. I've never felt so satisfied with the drum realism of what is being played by my fingers

I've got the Epik Drums in BFD format too. I'm so happy that SR is embracing and supporting this format because it is so much easier to customize and tweek the kits to your liking than working with each kit piece separately when using the Kontakt method.

Try it out folks. If you're BFD users you're gonna love these new kits!

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