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Post Fri Apr 25, 2014 9:25 am

As I prepare to move from SampleTank in case the 64 bit ST3 doesn't work for me (since the other 64bit IKMs won't open on my system), I want to know how the libraries compare between Kontakt and ST2.

I own the Gold Bundle for ST2 and am considering the Gold Bundle for Kontakt as a replacement. (I don't mind if their redundant at this point). I realize there are differences and not all that's available on one is available on the other. What I am looking for is play-ability as I'm sure the quality is, without question, great for both.

What I use mostly in ST2 are the basses, guitars, and world instruments with occasional use of the brass and strings.
Specifically the basses are my favorite for their play-ability over the Scarbee Basses in Kontakt.

What I want to know is how close I can expect the Kontakt versions of those categories to be to the ST2 sets I use now?

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