Were You Able To Test All The DC18 Entries?

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Post Sun Sep 30, 2018 8:20 am

Depending on time zones... today is/was the last day of the Developer Challenge 2018. Thanks very much to all the developers for their effort and generosity. And also thanks to other testers and other participants.

Anyways, I thought I could test all twenty-six DC18 entries but I only managed to test 9. Time flies.

Okay make that total 25 entries. One of the entries would not work on my computer and time was used on trying to make it work, downloading files from Microsoft, etc.

One entry was 64-bit only and I used time looking for something that will make 64-bit plugins work in my 32-bit DAW (REAPER 0.999). JBridge demo was the solution.

Another entry was just too hard for me to understand. I just couldn't make it work. I struggle at understanding manuals. Plug and play is the way to go for me because I'm a simple guy.

And a lot of the DC18 entries didn't have built-in presets. To me, testing would have gone faster if presets were available. Presets are the best demonstrator of a plugin's capabilities?

Other entries would load but would crash soon during testing so I left those to be tested again later on hoping they will be fixed in the end.

There were also unpredictable time-consuming happenings like I had to help out with a plumbing job. And the cat had a health problem (he couldn't urinate properly and was in pain and probably would have died if he didn't get medical attention right away). Et cetera.

Most of all, I used time creating different snippets of music per DC18 entry. I figured I might as well test the entries in terms of how they will fit in my music creation process.

So, how about you other voters... how many DC18 entries were you able to test?
And how did you deal with DC18 entries that didn't have presets?
Do you need more than a month to test all the DC18 entries?
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Post Mon Oct 01, 2018 3:55 am

I don't test stuff that I'm not interest in (fx, and the like). So pretty much synths only. And from those, only the ones that might work for the kind of music I like to make. I generally don't need instruments with no presets because I either need some sounds to dress a song fast, or I use them as additional sound banks anyway - but if it's well made and intuitive to use, it will get my vote, regardless of having onboard presets or not.
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Post Mon Oct 01, 2018 5:11 am


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Post Mon Oct 01, 2018 5:52 am

No, have no windows machine...

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Post Tue Oct 02, 2018 6:49 am

Tested a couple, not all. My favorites are MPS by full bucket and Deducktion by DDS
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Post Tue Oct 02, 2018 10:37 am

This year was quite unique for me, as i didn't actually see anything i wanted to download :o

Though that may be down to the fact that i don't need anything, and was really only looking for spectral fx and maybe an interesting synth/sampler hybrid.

I do have to say though, that for me, this years selection left me quite uninspired

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Post Thu Oct 04, 2018 7:01 pm

Sigh. Fourth time to this rodeo and I got through about five of them this time, which is about what I usually make. Time flies.
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