Question about chord builds in the song of ADELE (Some one like you)

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Post Wed Apr 07, 2021 11:45 pm

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Hello everyone, I am studying music theory, and I am still a beginner. I was studying the chords of the song (Some one like you) by ADELE At time 02:35, a chord (I believe was just a passing chord, before the phrase NEVER MIND I`ll FIND .. SOMEONE LIKE YOU) was recognized by the chord analyzer as Abm7b5/Gb ... e-like-you (


(The Chord no.70 in the table)

.. I know the chords (Abm7) and (Gb), but what does b5 stands for?? and what does the / stands for?? and how is this chord built??

At same song I found a lot of using this sign / in chords like (E/D) of (F#/E) ... So how are those chords built as well??

I uploaded another two songs from my computer to analyze, and i found in both b5 and / signs, so they seem to be chords that are frequently used, not exceptional ones. So it that the case?? Do normal pop songs use that chords frequently rather than basic chords (Minor, Major, 7th, Dim) ??

And if anybody can guide me to all types of chords and how they are built, it would be great. Thanks everyone

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Post Thu Apr 08, 2021 12:28 am

b5 = Flat (or Diminished) Five.
Together with the minor seventh: ... enth_chord
(haven't checked whether that's the chord they are playing indeed)

Given they say there's a Gb in the bass, it could as well be called Gb half-diminished. That chord is just a stack of minor thirds, so put any of the four notes it consists of as the base renders essentially inversions of the same chord.
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Post Thu Apr 08, 2021 8:30 am

That must be a typo: Gbø7 is spelled Gb Bbb Dbb Fb. On Ab: Ab Cb Ebb Gb. As a functional harmony, we're looking at keys with double flats in a signature... occurs as ii7 of "Gb minor"; as vii of Abb major? Probably better to say F#m7b5 or F#ø7. The chord analyzer gives a result that isn't real world-oriented, quelle surprise.

slash chords in lead sheets or charts in pop music indicate a bass that is not the root of the chord, and sometimes can't be well explained as part of the chord. Such as say G with a C bass. Ostensibly a C major 7/9 (no 3), or the thought could be it's a phenomenon using that C as a pedal as various objects occur over it, or...


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Post Thu Apr 08, 2021 9:46 pm

Thanks all for your fast reply. Could you provide me with more general learning sources about all different chord builds and harmony??

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