JBM Jagular 2 is being planned. I need your input.

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Post Wed Jan 25, 2012 7:59 pm

I've been busy recently designing a tool to help me create new waveforms for upcoming plugins:


And speaking of new plugins: I've decided to rebuild and refurbish an old friend. No release date is set, but it is my intention to redesign JBM Jagular in SynthMaker. The main reason for this decision is to minimize CPU usage. The downside is that I have to reinvent the wheel in some cases, like this double sided oscilator which has no waveforms stored in it, but stored on your harddrive. Ofcourse the knobs will be redesigned as well.

Now I do need your help a bit. Can you tell me what You want to be included in Jagular 2? I leave this topic here for anyone to comment away.
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