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So I have ventured into the world of max/msp ..;;been using it for 2 months now ...;and yeah I think I got the hang of it by now ..
It took me a while before I really understood ..the difference between lists and separate messages...packing unpacking etc..; appending , prepending ...changeable arguments in message's etc...but once you have an understanding of how messages and lists are constructed and deconstructed things fall into place
But there's is one thing that is still puzzling me ..and that is ..the 'fromsymbol' and the 'tosymbol' object .

I ain't talking about the $1 arguments or specific message to objects not talking about columns ,semicolumns , but the objects 'fromsymbol' 'tosymbol' ...
and what makes a specific sybbol between " symbol" smartquotes the manual gives absolutely no in depth info about the symbol parts .
The only thing the reference/tutorial pdf states about symbols is these are messages understood by objects
Can someone give m a real world example for the 'fromsymbol' 'tosymbol' object

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I guess checking the Cycling74 forum would be worth a look ;)

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