Problems after installing Sika Updates and Pluggo

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Post Thu Apr 10, 2014 9:19 am

Hi to the HTT team,

I am an Ableton composer using Sika free on Mac OSX 10.7.5 .
I Updated Sika 1.6.1 and Pluggo, and can see the Pluggo : Sika .1.6.1 vst.
folder in the Mac Library folder.

I have also made an AudioUnit scan and got a message saying all has been updated, but apparently not.

I have noticed Sika opens with no PANIC button, so, not the updated version - and there is "no sounds" coming up (HTT1 Sounds updated in Path) .

When I have looked at the Pluggo folder of the Sika VST - I have noticed that other VSTs of other companies been all having the AudioUnit Scan "icon" on them - but the Sika VST does not -

Can it be that the Audio Unit Scan is too old, and does not recognise the new Pluggo update?

how can I make Sika work?

Please help me up, i'm stuck.

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