So what happened with DC'12?

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Post Mon May 19, 2014 1:48 am

I know I was supposed to develop a plugin for DC'12, but I got stuff piled up to do that just wouldn't quit pile up in front of me.

First of all: DreamHack.I bought a ticket and I decided to compete there in their creative contests.

Next up: Game development. I'm still quite occupied with Open Surge, but back then I was really into getting new music out for that game.

Finally: My job. We has a sh*tload of stuff to take care of, and I couldn't just let them be disapointed in me.

So am I on for DC'14? You bet I am! I didn't get info about it until a few weeks back, but I'm in, I'm gonna conquer, and I'm gonna get some!
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