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Post Sun Aug 03, 2014 6:31 am

Let's do a little exploration of how a preset is configured in JBM Zoundle. For this example I've chosen the piano patch to display it:

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Preset Table Format
Number of programs = 1
Number of parameters = 23

Parameter	Type	Piano
Search criteria	Float	0.000000
Search criteria	String	piano 
Tagged	Float	0.000000
Sound ID	Float	0.000000
Package name group	Float	1.000000
Geotagged	Float	0.000000
Filename	Float	0.000000
Description	Float	1.000000
Package name	Float	1.000000
Username	Float	0.000000
Shortest sound	Float	0.000000
Shortest sound	String	1
Longest sound	Float	0.000000
Longest sound	String	*
Sort after	Float	0.600000
Direction	Float	0.500000
Licensed under	Float	0.000000
Sample rate	String	44100
File format	String	wav
Bit rate	String	*
Bit depth	String	16
Channels	String	2
Advanced	Float	1.000000
You can export any preset to text and alter it in Notepad or whatever text editor you have available.
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