[TUTORIAL] Run GrooveCloud on MacOs / Windows / Linux (Genymotion)

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Post Fri Oct 03, 2014 1:32 am

Minimum version: GrooveCloud Beta => version 1.72 ( get it here)


To run GrooveCloud on Pc (tested on Linux/Windows, should run on Mac OS as well):

1. Download and install Genymotion from http:/genymotion.com. (in Linux, you will need VirtualBox installed (apt-get install virtualbox on Ubuntu).
2. Create a new Android virtual machine using Genymotion. The default one is OK (Custom Phone ....)
3. Install the Google Apps. (tutorial: Install Google Apps on Genymotion
4. Restart the Android virtual machine.
5. Register your Google account on Genymotion.
6. Drag-drop the last apk to install it.
7. Launch the app normally.


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