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i looking for a good sounddesigner with a lot of experience width vaz-synth to create me one ?complex? sound (i think its complex, but i'm not the sounddesigner-profi). It's a paid job!

Its a oldschool-trance-sound from 2001/2002: ... 4404#t=185

I looking for the sound-character. On the youtube-demo, the first sound is a standard saw osc and the second sound, i can't say what it is. I looking for the second sound.

Another Track from the artist: ... page#t=196

You can find a lot sounddemos on youtube from the artist.

Again, its a paid job. If somewhere he said: " I can make it", but not +/- smilar sound... Looking for the soundcharacter... Send me a email and send me your price for the sound-design.
I know, the original-sound was produced on a vaz-synth, i can't say, what for eq/reverb ?sir?/or some plugins was used.


Greetings Chris

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