Reaivox Teresa - Classical Soprano Diva

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Mike Greene
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Post Wed Apr 27, 2016 10:18 am

Sound familiar? I initially released Realivox Teresa in January, but got slammed with other stuff, so I couldn't make a video or any of the other stuff one does when releasing a product, so . . . I pulled her. But now, everything is finished up and she's back, baby! :D

Realivox Teresa is the classical diva from our Realivox Ladies set, and by popular demand, she is now available separately! For those unfamiliar with the Ladies, Teresa can sing any of 60 articulations (oo, ah, bom, etc) and these "syllables" can be combined into phrases. We've sampled the legato intervals and even have a polyphonic legato. This means you can play your own melodies with great sounding results.

Best of all, Teresa is currently on sale! Only 79 bucks! Seriously, how do we even stay in business when we’re just giving stuff away like this??? So get yourself on down to and pick up a copy. Or better yet, get the whole Realivox Ladies set! You know you want it.

And now . . . the actual Teresa video that I couldn't finish before: ...

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