Harmonic Rush - Universal Frequency (Spire Sound Pack)

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Hello World,
Hope you having an awesome day.

Last year I moved to a beautiful country Australia to sort out my visa so I can travel the world and share my love and music. However 2 months ago I was told my dream of becoming an Australian was not going to be a reality unless I reapplied for a different VISA and with new restrictions… Sadly as we all know the legal people of this world are not cheap so Im looking for your help and support from all of you beautiful people to raise money for these extraordinary costs to finally become an Aussie. I originally put this pack together for myself to use on my new releases but have decided to release this project I’ve been working on for the past 12 months if it means I can finally start to re-tour again and see all your amazing faces.

The pack consists of 128 psychedelic Presets on one of my favorite VST Plugin (Spire), and I have recorded some of the sound’s in the pack in this video. I also included one of my Trance pack that has 128 presets as well.

Ive decided to sell these for $80 US as I want everyone to be able to experience these amazing sounds I have had the pleasure of creating. To get the pack’s all you need to do is to Email me at harmonicrush@gmail.com (mailto:harmonicrush@gmail.com) and you’ll get the information of what to do.


Please share.

Much Love
Harmonic Rush.

Psychedelic Pack Contains :

2. Pads
3. Textcure
5. Drums
6. Arps
8. Acid
11. Pluck’s
11. Sequencers
20. Leads
25. Bass
37. FX

Trance Pack Contains :

6. Drums
8. Acid
11. FX
12. Pluck’s
12. Pad’s
16. Arp’s
16. Lead
22. Bass
25. Sequencer’s

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