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Hello Sound Freaks,

I'm trying to deconstruct Adraitque's "Ray" which was released a while ago now.
And I'm quite successfull with Drums and the main Bass.

Which I'm struggling a lot with are two sounds which are in fact very important for the overall mellow and melodious feeling of the sound.

1. Lead
The "Lead" comes in at around 1:50, the bright "bellish" sound.
My first thought was to use FM to archieve the metallic bright flavour of the sound but I failed quite tremendously. In fact I'm not that good with FM-Synthesis so I'm not discarding FM as the way to go.
After that I tried substractive Synthesis with a bit of Filter-Enveloping to get the bright "shimmer" of the sound but it sounds always too dark because of the filtering or too sharp depending on the Waveforms I'm using as my fundament. I've tried some metallic Wavetables in Massive but without good results and I came to the point where I need that little push in the right direction; still suppose FM is the way to go.
On top of the sound itself, it has quite a long Reverb-Tail and a bit of mellow delay on it.

2. Ambient'ish Bass, "Siren"
The other Sound is drenched in reverb aswell but covers very much the background of the soundscene.
It's quite good to hear at 2:36 and 3:33 and 4:33, the "lead" that swells up in the background to a high note and then breaks down to lower notes with reverb filling out the whole background.
I tried with a filtered saw-wave with glide which filter gets opened slowly as its swelling up and that was quite okay when drenched in Reverb. But I didn't archieve the mellow but siren'ish, overdriven kind of feel to it that the original has. And if you listen carefully at around 4:33 it sometimes sounds like it's near collapsing i.e. it builds up nice sound interferences with itself.
I suppose it is a mix of finding sweet spots with the filtering, good design of the reverb and a fitting distortion or overdrive to give it that siren-like feeling and the partial collapse in itself here and there.

So as you can see, I've had many ideas for the sounds but I'm very interested in your thoughts about the sounds.
They're not very spectacular but there is something nice and soothing to them and in fact that's the sound design in which I'm very intrested.

Here's the song:



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