Feedback Review for New Background Film Music Idea

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Post Thu Apr 19, 2018 10:43 pm

Hello Members of The Great Audio Council,

I have come in search for some feedback reviews on Background Music type atmosphere idea I've been working on for practice. No video to it so far, keeping it open as possible to see if I could create an multi purpose type instrumental. Also would anyone know a good place to find indie devs that need this and similar type of audio work? Just starting up and still learning how to get connected and start being involved. Thank you for your time and interest to have read thus far. Enjoy your day/night. Peace.

Stohgs - For Real

Demo Instrumental for Vacuum Pro and Xpand!2 by AIR Music Technology
file info: Mp3 192 kbps 89 bpm

Going for some Background Ambient for Film Atmospheres. ... sp=sharing

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Re: Feedback Review for New Background Film Music Idea

Post Fri Apr 20, 2018 8:10 am

Preamble: The following feedback, of course, has limitations as there is no actual video so that someone can fully judge the music's effectiveness!

It's not bad....definitely has potential, but it's not really at the level that would interest any game developer / film producer at the moment.

Suggestion 1: Listen to and seriously analyse game / film underscore music that you appreciate...what makes it effective? How does it develop with the moving image?

Suggestion 2: Get a portfolio of video clips with your music on them ready to demo to companies. 3 or 4 creating clearly different atmospheres will be enough. Nothing longer than 60 seconds as they will NOT listen beyond that anyway. If they are interested they will ask for longer tracks.

3: Indie companies for both film / games are easy to find - just search! Try and find a name to contact: someone in A&R preferably. Send them an email, (do not text, tweet, Facebook or is more professional and formal), with a link to your portfolio tracks. NEVER attach mp3s or any other media to emails.

Your music:
Some great combinations of timbres in there...especially those rich, warm sounds from Vacuum Pro...careful with these as they are BIG and can dominate a mix!

First 40 seconds of your piece is slow moving deep melodic synth + simple drum beat...effective in a dark, disturbing, futuristic way, but limited and very easy to do...any A&R rep has now stopped listening and deleted you email! You need to hit them with something seriously hooky and full of impact...IMMEDIATELY.

They will also want to hear clear, early development and could have had an automated effect on the drum beat + more movement or extra layers on the slow synth tune? Maybe a high rippling line could have slowly faded in? etc etc.

NOT sure about the second little beat that happens just after 40 secs...doesn't quite gel with the first one for me and certainly doesn't add much development of the atmosphere.

1 min 45 secs in...still the same low., slow synth + simple unchanging've definitely lost them by now even if they got this far!

It's all VERY darkly atmospheric with a great feel for sound combos, but it's just NOT enough to interest a company at the moment...

More catchy melodic content.

More clear development of basic ideas.

More harmonic movement - very static at the moment.

Probably more variety in style of sounds as well...some more dry, upfront and less dominant etc.

You mentioned Xpand 2! A decent little multi-purpose module; good, but NOT hugely professional can get there, but you need to work at it sometimes to achieve that high level.

Hope this helps you move forward,
Best of's a tough business to make money in...keep will get many knock-backs and rejections...that bit of the job NEVER stops...I've been at it for nearly 25 years a rejection for a piece I thought was 100% spot on, just last week! Accepted the criticism (director is ALWAYS right, even when they're wrong) re-vamped it and got paid for the project! Still prefer the first one though! :0)
Mark Taylor
Chameleon Music

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Re: Feedback Review for New Background Film Music Idea

Post Fri Apr 27, 2018 9:42 am

Thank you Mark, Very good info from you and a lot of good points you mentioned. I'm still new at music compositions, I mainly just make loops and samples so its very useful to read what you wrote. I know its prolly the hardest business to make money, I'm doing it just to see if I can do it really since it's one of the places I never tried yet.

I appreciate your time and help. Sorry for the lack of material provided to help see the entirety of the song and its process. Hopefully next time I will have more to show and better music. I think I just make noise, maybe why as music it sounds boring.

Gonna get back to work with the new information I just learned here, Peace.

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