Vst plug for streaming incoming audio?

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Post Thu Jul 12, 2018 9:19 pm

I wasn't implying that YOU were trying to do anything shady. It's just a community warning to the people that WILL abuse this knowledge. People do unfortunately.

Here's the alternative way that we all used to do? You need a mixer though.

Set the PCM (regualar) audio out to the internal PC/Mac sound card.
Route that PC audio to the mixer
Have the mixer then route the PC audio into the interface on input ports 1 and 2 (or whichever)
Set the DAW to "listen" to 1 and 2, the play the Speech Assistant and hit record in your DAW

Doing this also allows you to record your mic as well. So essentially, this a poor man's Loopback.
...and the electron responded, "what wall?"

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