FS:SSL Solid State Logic Native FlexVerb Reverb Plugin W/ ilok 2 USB Dongle

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Post Mon Jan 14, 2019 8:19 am

Up for grabs, SSL native FlexVerb. Packed with features. License and ilok 2. Just plug and play. Also includes the license for x-verb (great in itself) which can be found in the legacy downloads of SSL website.

FlexVerb is a brand new fully-featured and extremely versatile SSL reverb plug-in designed to deliver a professional mix-ready sound in a quick and intuitive way. FlexVerb’s versatile split early-late reflection interface allows you to add the natural body and tone of different early room reflections, complimented by the richness of a variety of expansive reverb tail options.
SSL Native plug-ins require a physical iLok 2 or iLok 3 USB dongle for authorisation

FlexVerb features a 6-band EQ, High and Low Pass Filters, 3-band reverb time multipliers and input sidechain compressor to help you craft reverb that sits perfectly in your mix. FlexVerb’s algorithmic architecture gives you the depth, character and detail of a professional reverb in a simple rewarding interface.

Key Features:

Four Reverb Types: Room, Hall, Plate, and Chamber.
Early & Late Reflection types can be independently selected; for example, Small Room Early Reflections, with a Large Plate Reverb Tail.
6 Band SSL EQ, with 3 bands of reverb time multipliers.
Output compressor (applied to reverb only) side-chained by the ‘dry’ input signal; useful to help sit the reverb in the mix.
Lockable Dry/Wet Mix control; fix the mix of dry and wet signal when switching between presets.
Infinity reverb time switch.
Reverb tail kill switch.

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