Tips for realistic snares with my current gear

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Post Sat Jan 19, 2019 10:08 am

Going to try and make some realistic (as possible) snares (when I'm home in a week). Something I've not really tried before.

I'm trying to think of things I can do. The reason I don't want to use samples is because I want max versatility.

What I have.

Physical modeling: Kong.
Not really used Kong much but heard that the snare modeling is decent. Someday I'll try an alternate like chromophone which looks cool, but for now I'll stick with Kong. Want to master what I have/not buy more shit.

Mutant Machine. This is a hardware module which I have based on 909 snare. It's very nice but not realistic, but it's great and versatile. Great noise and can add some realism to the noisy part but not really the body.

Analogue compressor.
Analogue Spring verb. (If only I had plate)
Good Guitar amp.

I'm thinking of using Kong to make the heart of the sound. Adding some noise and distortion and analogue-ness with the Mutant module. (Oh I also have analogue fuzz and distortion).

Then analogueing it further with compressor. Play it thru the guitar amp with a re-amp and record with mic to give it air.

Probably in there somewhere use the spring verb. Maybe even use a real sample into the verb and mix that in? I've tried this before and was okay, maybe needs some tweaking. Or maybe just put the synth snare thru is enough.

Anyway. I have a few ideas. Don't want to use them all at once as probably overkill unless all done very sutbly.

I guess the question is:
A) do you think running the physical modelled snare thru a bunch of analogue gear will help to make it sound more organic/real? Obviously this requires subtelty and skill. I'm sure it will, but any tips for my approach?

B) I'm thinking of adding in a real sample, or just a real transient or using a real sample thru the verb and blending etc but don't want to lose versatility and don't want things to get muddy. Often I add too much stuff instead of getting the basics nailed. Again, any tips here? What is usually the most unrealistic part of an virtual modeled snare?

I imagine my main pitfall will be adding stuff for the sake of it rather than critically listening to the sound and seeing which parts need enhanced.. but for something as complex as a snare this is hard. Probably lock myself in my room and listen to 1000 snare samples to get a feel for the real deal.

Any tips of blending or other techniques welcome. Compressor settings? I guess having everything run thru the same circuits shud go some way to blend them too.

Any thoughts?


Edit: oh yes. Heard about a waves snare rattle vst which is free. Is this sample based? Cud be worth added too.

Edit edit: I've read the great SOS article on snare synthesis and will re-read. But looking for practical tips that are relavent to my setup.

Also have modular filters, LPG, VCA some other basic software and hardware effects.

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Re: Tips for realistic snares with my current gear

Post Sun Jan 20, 2019 10:08 am

I’m a fan of setting up a mic and re recording synthesized sounds through it. Also the same basic thing can be accomplished through convolution. But a nice blast of noise layered with a sine wave for the “body” of the drum recorded in a physical space can sound pretty convincing as a snare.
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Re: Tips for realistic snares with my current gear

Post Thu Jan 24, 2019 3:41 am

Run a favorite snare sample through a spectrum analyzer and see where the frequency peaks are. This shows you what to do, using sines, noise and multiple filters in your synth of choice and maybe additional filters in your chain

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Re: Tips for realistic snares with my current gear

Post Sun Jan 27, 2019 10:04 am

this was helpful when for me when i was doing this. ... snare-drum

i used Sytrus in fl studio and played around for a long time. Some times one instance of a synth is not good enough. it takes a lot of oscillators an filters and stuff. it was really fun though, even though i ended up using samples anyways!
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