Blofeld - not all presets getting applied when uploaded by Spectre

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Post Wed Mar 20, 2019 12:52 pm

I just purchased the Alien Vanguard presets for Blofeld from Waldorf's website but am experiencing something strange when trying to upload them to the device.

There are two banks of presets each with 128 in them and each preset within the bank has the authors initials in it - HGF or ID.
I use Spectre to upload AlienVanguard-ID-Bank-C.mid and AlienVanguard-HGF-Bank-D.mid. Spectre shows a progress bar which goes to 100% then complets sucessfully for both.
Yet when I browse the presets in C only a smattering of them have the ID initials in them and only a smattering of presets in D have the initials HGF in them.
How come it seems some of the presets have uploaded but not the entire 128 for each bank?

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Re: Blofeld - not all presets getting applied when uploaded by Spectre

Post Wed Mar 20, 2019 6:51 pm

Guessing - I used sysex manager in Sonar quite a bit. Some devices need certain settings for pause in between each block. It may take time for receiving unit to load until ready for next.

So looking at that part, what you have for settings in sending unit might help out. How long a pause/delay between sysex blocks.

And looking into midi if showing multiple F0-F7, one for each preset - that is where it might need a pause in between the blocks. Some units do bank dumps as one solid F0-F7, some divided into many.

If not getting anywhere - Bandlab Sonar is free, as I understand and a bunch of settings for this.

And if doing over regular din midi connectors or usb might matter too. USB has no natural speed limit and speed of computer can choke receiving unit. But same settings apply from sending application.

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