Plek'ing: Worth it?

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Mats Eriksson
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Post Tue Oct 08, 2019 9:34 am

Regarding someone who's changing out guitars instead of having i refretted when it's been worn out:

Steve Morses original MusicMan signature guitar, the blue one, has been refretted 10 times since 1995. This was said in 2015. He finally opted for stainless steel frets, and has yet, in these 4 years needed to trim them or level them. 10 times refret since 1995 !?!?!?! Not even filing them down and level them out?! Or those ones included. Yes, I understand why people owns more than one guitar of the same brand, make and model, and most importantly, the exact same setup! I think SM plays in his sleep, awake, while driving a car (he did play when flying an airplane), and when doing intimate things to his significant other. Must've. I am searching and googling for that interview on the net but it seems have been buried... ... k-on-tour/ ... y?app=true

"In particular he's been using prototype n°1 of his Steve Morse signature guitar for more than 30 years (the guitar has been refretted more than ten times)."

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Bob Taylor of Taylor guitars said in the "Wood and Steel" magazine interview that certain instrument "features" are accepted as standards, and a concensus among luthiers exists. But those features aren't necessarily the best ones, or the best way of doing things. Zero frets are in that category, and ways to sand and file frets down, including compound radius, flat (no radius) and such things. Or radius, as they have on lots of guitars, whacking the intonation out a tiny bit... as well as making harder to bend strings.

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Re: Plek'ing: Worth it?

Post Wed Oct 09, 2019 6:44 pm

Hey man, I wasn't overly serious. And SM hasn't sounded the same SINCE his original tele special..................

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The Noodlist
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Re: Plek'ing: Worth it?

Post Thu Oct 10, 2019 6:44 am

Is it worth it on my £30 Squire Stagemaster V2?
Probably not.
Buy some tools, like Hink said, it's like a car driver having the ability to change a flat tyre.
Hink wrote:
Thu Oct 03, 2019 7:46 pm
Anyhow, for me it's like changing a tire. I think every guitarist should have the tools and skills to do a basic set up. I know people get scared of truss rods but really nature is already doing what they are afraid to do..we just have to tweak's just a guitar :shrug:
Cost might also be a consideration, for me, in theory, it would be cheaper to purchase a new instrument rather than paying for refret/ major setup, I'd rather keep what I have and try to restore it. I have the tools, it's the cost of the fret wire/materials.
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