Nebula compressor release- 4k Crush

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Post Thu Sep 20, 2018 12:04 pm

Hello again everyone! So I've finished a new compressor. This is nearly the last of a big batch of comps I sampled way back in early 2013. This one is kind of a sister release to the Slick 9k I released way back. I want to point out that I have special bonus programs that allow you to transition between hard and soft knees, which isn't possible with the real hardware. I found myself really strongly preferring settings about half way between the two, for things like kick drums. It's not a subtle thing either!

For this release I also paid special attention to the harmonics, because the samples I took got somewhat saturated with higher amounts of gain reduction, so I really wanted to capture that, which can be tricky with Nebula. I think it came out really well!

As usual there's a kind of introductory price sale offer for the compressor, which will probably be up for about two weeks. Also, the summer sale I had going on some of my lesser known releases is still going, even though I meant to shut that down by September. But I also really wanted to have this compressor out, so I could mention that sale for one last week in a new thread. So, I'm extending that site-wide sale for one more week. I'll probably also go through and put some of the other items on sale too here in a few hours.

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Re: Nebula compressor release- 4k Crush

Post Thu Sep 20, 2018 12:46 pm

Thanks Tim! Looks interesting I'll check it out! :phones:

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Re: Nebula compressor release- 4k Crush

Post Fri Apr 26, 2019 2:16 pm

i'm just now sending out emails for a pretty nice update to this compressor! so if you bought it, you should be getting that email. otherwise, get in contact with me, either directly by email if you already have my address, or through my contact forms (which have had issues but should be working fine now).

here's what's been updated:
* i was doing some research for the slick 9k update, which i'm working on, and discovered that the hard knee compressor programs in this library should actually be using peak detection mode. both hard and soft knee were using RMS in the past. now the hard knee programs are correctly using peak detection mode, which changes the sound, making it even 'harder', or more aggressive.

* i've even updated the knee select program so that the hard knee setting on the control (100% gives you the hard knee) will now use peak detection, while the soft knee setting (0%) still gives you RMS. this is actually really cool because now when you use settings or transition in-between the two extremes, you're not only getting a blend/mid-way point between hard and soft knees, but also between RMS and peak detection. i'm actually finding that i like some blend of the two extremes, more than either one alone, in most cases.

* i increased the amount of compression you can get with both hard and soft knee settings/programs by several dBs. (threshold is more sensitive)

* changed the lite versions so they're using TIMED mode, just like the other quality options (standard, full harmonics, and SHQ). so now the main difference is that the lite versions don't have any harmonics (also don't have full impulse lengths like only SHQ does, but that difference is much more subtle). because they're now using the same mode as the others, the lite versions DO NOT introduce artifacts anymore. however they do use more CPU. this means you can safely render with them now, and they will not hurt your audio in any way (the old lite versions did introduce artifacts so i warned not to render with them). in fact if you want a cleaner compression (no harmonics) for some reason, lite is the best option for rendering now.

* the previously described change to lite versions also fixed a major issue with the lite programs- the attack timing in them was way different from the other programs! i'm not sure how this slipped by me, and i'm a little surprised nobody pointed it out to me, but the lite programs had much slower attack times, at the same setting, as the other versions. now it should be identical.

* updated skins so that there would be no need for me to have different versions of the programs, depending on whether or not you were using skins. there's nothing you'll actually notice different about the skins, but you need to reinstall the skins, because if you don't, the newly updated programs will show up strangely in the skins. thanks to max (who has been doing skins for me lately, but didn't do this one, jpn did) for finding this solution!

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Re: Nebula compressor release- 4k Crush

Post Mon Dec 09, 2019 5:28 am

New updates-
*added 48khz and 88.2khz sample rates.

*there was a slight imbalance between the stereo channels, usually under .3dB but sometimes with lots of gain reduction it could go higher. this has been fixed and now the two channels are very close together in levels, always!

*impulses were 'cleaned up' a bit, which means that the 'ripple' that appeared in the low bass frequences in the SHQ program (it was worse below 50hz) is now gone. it only affected the SHQ program, but now it's fixed. the 44.1khz version of the SHQ program also had a more minor ripple in the upper freqs approaching 20khz, and that's also gone.

*previously, when installing this library, you had to choose between two different sets of programs, depending on whether you were using the skins or not. now there is only one set, making the library (and this update) install much simpler. this also required both N3 and N4 skins to be updated to allow this (so you need to reinstall the skins).

*'knee select' programs renamed to 'variable knee', which is a better description.

*N3 skins were all redone to accommodate the new sample rates. now each rate has its own separate skin.

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