Why not a subtractive synth with LFOs that go to much higher rates?

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Post Wed Jan 22, 2020 1:19 pm

One of the reasons I was surprised by Sektor. The LFOs can be set to OSC mode.

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Re: Why not a subtractive synth with LFOs that go to much higher rates?

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gentleclockdivider wrote:
Wed Jan 22, 2020 7:41 am
Unaspected wrote:
Wed Jan 22, 2020 6:27 am

I did have Reaktor back then but as your comments support, you would have had to roll your own. I'm not sure if Reaktor boasted audio rate modulation until Blocks in Reaktor 6. As a commercial package, I mean. Because, of course, audio rate modulation was an option long before that - it just wasn't practical so it wasn't really seen in commercial plugins. Also talking from personal experience rather than as a plugin historian.

LIke I said reaktor had audio rate modulation for certain primary modules
Red inputs were processed at control rate ( dropdown list from event rate rangin from 25hz to 3200hz ) , but you had an event to perm module that could be set at sample rate .
For example , patching the output of primary module oscillator into the P input of another primary module you had to insert an AUDIO to EVENT module , and the update speed of this computation was the control rate .., but when inserting an audio to event module perm module , the converted audio to event can be computated at a user defined speed , like sample rate

Some primary modules also have modulation inputs that accepts audio inputs , the update of this port happens every sample tick iow , sample rate .
Lots of primary modules have these (ladder filter for filter fm , fm osc's etcc)..and this was all before reaktor 5 , I started using reaktor from version 3 and it was already there ( year 2001)

Reaktor 5 brought us the core system ( developed by vadim zavalishin ) of sync modular , basically reaktor's own programming language .
No limits whatsoever ( well no many )

You're just wrong thinking reaktor blocks saw the introduction of audio rate , all blocks are programmed in reaktor core , blocks could have been introduced with reaktor r 5 , but certain new core modules introduced in r6 mad it easier ( bundled and scope busses )
Monark does filter FM and was coded in reaktor 5 , isn't that audio rate enough for you ?
But yes , reaktor blocks is nice because it's so damn easy to patch high quality stuff..
You misread what I wrote. I've owned and been using Reaktor since version 5 since 2005 or 6. But this is off topic.

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