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Post Sat Jan 25, 2020 4:04 am

I have already contacted Sonible on this but progress is very slow so I am posting here to see if anyone has had this happen to Sonible or other plugins in Studio One or Cubase and if they found a solution.

I opened a project in Studio One that had contained several instances of Smart Comp but when I went to open it, I got only the header of the plugin and no UI. As well as no way to open it. AS well, I tested it in Cubase and all that would open was a small postage-stamp-sized window that was inaccessible.

It is a WIn 10 Home base R7 170X and I have had absolutely no problems with before this.

The only changes that took place were the installation of the Xils RS202 demo and a demo Hive 2 as well as the Sociable Balance for the plugin collective.

I have done a clean install of Studio One and the Sonible products with no luck. I have also made sure that the high DPI mode in Studio One was disabled but it made no difference.

Any clues?
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