Bass Station 2 - breath control & external filter control

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Post Thu Mar 26, 2020 11:10 am

Howdy… I’m looking at purchasing the Bass Station 2 for use with a wind controller. When I look at the MIDI implementation in the BS2 PDF, I see stuff like this:
frequency - cc - 16:48 - 0 to 255
I’m not sure how to read that or how I’d control something that went past the normal 127 steps. My Yamaha WX5 is configurable to send breath, aftertouch, pitchbend & modulation CC, but will I actually be able to control any of the parameters on the BS2 besides note and velocity? Has anyone used an external controller - a keyboard controller for instance - and been able to send aftertouch data and mod wheel data from that keyboard and had it effect the BS2? Also does an external sequencer record the filter frequency (big knob) and output that back into the BS2 on playback? I feel like the BS2 is missing MIDI controller assignments but maybe it can still respond nicely to my WX5 - I’d just like to be sure. Thanks anyone for responding to my rambling.

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