trade 3 min guitar recording for 3 AIR plugs(*15)

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Post Mon Jul 13, 2020 5:31 pm

This is one for guitarists only
I have been working on a guitar to synth program,
but I can't get anyone interested
If you will record for me 3 minutes of your best playing with it-
I will give you a copy of Vacuum,Hybrid and Xpand!
You can use MIDI or the built-in synth
I accept just guitar playing, but make a track if you want-
please perhaps don't edit too much, I would like your performance
Here's the plugin->
(it needs a sample rate of 44.1 khz)
I have 15 of these bundles to share, the promo will stop after the 15 have been received
please link to your clip in this thread(normalized .wav preferred),
and I'll send you the plugs serials 8D

* there is what I think is a bug in Reason on my system, it's necessary to turn off 'use multi-core rendering' in audio options. It uses a lot of CPU with this checked. It runs fine, once this option is unchecked

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