Ambisonics in Acoustica?

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Post Tue Feb 02, 2021 1:51 am

I tried the search but nothing much shows up, so I have a question about working with ambisonics in Acoustica?
I'm using a 7.2 trial version. I open up a WAV recorded with Zoom H3VR. I see 4 channels, which is great and correct. I use a decoder (AALTO, Cropac Binaural) via Plugins, I put it into the FX chain. The plugin recognises 4 channels and decodes the signal correctly and can manipulate the soundfield correctly (I listen on headphones of course).

Now what?
How do I save the file so that it is saved in stereo wav?
How do I process the file?
I tried to hit Apply and it seemingly renders audio to 2 channels (that don't sound correct at all), leaving the other 2 empty. I tried Render to new file, and it is the same thing as Apply.

I want to open the ambisonic WAV in Acoustica, render it to binaural stereo, then open it in Presonus Studio One and do the editing etc there.

Have a nice day

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Post Mon Feb 08, 2021 7:14 am


Thanks for using the trial version. Acoustica doesn't support Ambisonics directly at the time being and will recognize the four channels as quad channel setup (four speakers in each corner of the room). The approach with a decoder plug-in should, however, work fine (although I have no experience with the plug-in you mention). You can convert the result back to stereo using Tools > Convert Sample Format and select "2 - Stereo" in the "Number of channels" field.


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