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Post Thu Apr 08, 2021 6:17 am

chk, it is no secret that NA has its share of issues. People do post about it all the time on NI forums, and there are a bunch of knowledgebase articles about various errors that can show up in various circumstances.

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Post Thu Apr 08, 2021 11:02 am

I just purchased Komplete 13 and also had issues with Native Access freezing while trying to update. After some searching I found that if you start Win 10 in Safe Mode, start Native Access and log in you can then close Native Access, reboot in normal mode and everything works fine.

Hope this helps somebody!

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Post Fri Apr 09, 2021 5:48 am

This looks like it worked! I've managed to install Guitar Rig 5 & 6 which Native Access hadn't installed and they are both working and Native Access has automatically picked them up as installed. I also installed one manually which was flagged for repair and then re-launched native access after and it was flagged as installed. All ran without issue, authorised and working! I think Native Access took care of the authentication process.

So here was the fix for my issues which were:
- Native Access wouldn't update, stuck at 0% forever
- Native Access login button did nothing (once I got past the update stuck at 0%)
- Native Access downloads were corrupt or damaged but yet still being installed and labelled as successfully installed yet corrupt and damaged (without re-downloading the damaged or missing files)

Step 1. It all starts with Native Access...
Install Native Access (login etc)

Stuck on update process? Try the following:
- Shut down computer, unplug 2nd monitor (if you have 1), reboot and try again.

Still doesn't work? try:
Boot into safe mode, run native access, it should get to login screen, login and once in, close and reboot, it should work now (make sure 2nd monitor is not plugged in)

Still doesn't work? try:
- installing Microsoft Visual C++ 2017 Redistributable (x64) from: ... f26a218cc0

I personally installed Visual Studio Community Edition (FREE) and ticked c++ development and a few other things as I use it for work, which would have installed a lot more .NET stuff than Native Access should ever need to use.

Step 2. Downloading all the installer files so you can back them up and install manually
Get the links from those meta files (I'm not sure NI would look kindly upon me posting the program that auto extracts the links from those meta files on github...?). But there's nothing stopping you opening them up and copying and pasting the links into notepad yourself... Hidden folder path is C:\\.native-instruments.tmp save each link on a new line in notepad and save the text file on your desktop (eg links.txt)

As you press download in native access a new meta file will be created in that folder, open it up and copy and paste the URL to notepad. Stop the download, then press download on the next one, and so on till you get everything.

NOTE: The download links will only live for a certain amount of time, a few days I think...

WARNING: The download links are token based, they know which account requested the download and who the token was issued to, so don't go sharing those downloads. It's an easy task to slap a unique id / owner id into an iso/archive or even compile on the fly. So if someone is trying to crack/hack that and running it over and over, there's a good chance they will know who's account the software came from.

Step 3. The unholy download
Once you got the links, download "free download manager", set preferences to to allow for more than 100 link imports (mine was 155 links) and import your links.txt file and start the unholy download of 478.1 gigawatts of ni data (this is how large Komplete 12 Ultimate is for me)...

Step 4. Install this...
Run the installers, I have all my native access folders set to another drive so when asked for vst locations and application install paths etc I pointed them to the locations I wanted.

Step 5. For that future re-install
If like me you store all your NI stuff on another drive and for a chance of quicker and easier restoration the next time you build a new computer or format your boot drive.

Backup the following registry keys using regedit:
HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Native Instruments
HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\Software\Native Instruments
HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\Software\Wow6432Node\Native Instruments

Save them with your NI stuff on the other drive.

When restoring, install native access, login, set your paths, close native access and import those registry exports. Then open native access again and check your paths are still correct and see what it has detected and what it hasn't detected. If paths were wrong, set them again and restart native access and see what is detected. Some may be labelled as repair either click repair or use the installer which you may have downloaded and backed up from the steps above.


And all is fine in the world once again. :tu: :party:

Thanks for all your help and info guys! :love:

Hope this thread is of use to anyone whom is having trouble with NI in the future.
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