My first trance track (or:attempt at least) - seeking advice on song structure, sounds & mixing

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Post Fri Apr 16, 2021 12:19 pm

This is actually pretty good and way better than I expected!

Listening on my crappy work computer speakers, so I can't really comment on the mix, but nothing jumps out at me as being bad. The one thing that sorta jumps out to me concerns the structure and the overall dynamics, particularly at the transitions. I feel like the breakdown comes too soon in the song and could use a much more dynamic buildup (fills, sweeps, etc. to build energy), followed by maybe a pause to start the breakdown and to really contrast the buildup with the breakdown. Similar thought for the end. In the middle to latter part of the song, it gets pretty static in terms of energy and drive, and feels like it could use some short reductions in energy (e.g., drop the kick for a bar or two, high-pass filter to filter out the frequencies) at some of the 8-bar transitions. Harmonically and melodically, trance is pretty simple and usually relies more on exaggerated dynamics and rhythmic buildups to create tension and release, rather than complex chord progressions, dissonance/consonance, etc. Like I said, overall it's a great track! Going in for a second listen! :tu:

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