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Post Tue May 04, 2021 9:41 am

This is a problem that reoccurs for the recreation of trance songs. It's the noise they used back then which must be special types of noise as opposed to simply highpassed white noise. Whenever I try to recreate such noise in Serum I get the best results when I use special types of noises like the AirCan types e. g. in combination with finding the right pitch and highpassing it on top. But still, I'm never content and it's just never the same noise I want to get.

I'll give you 2 good examples now for the exact noise I'd like to recreate and I'd appreciate any help with this. They must have created it on some kind of hardware system back then.

The first example is from a song I'm currently interested in. It's the background noise
from a Snap song called "Eternity" and you can hear it best from 9-14 seconds in the background of the song:


I also isolated the noise from a more HQ sample using an EQ so you could hear it much more clearly here and the above video is only supposed to give you the context: :D


I tried to get this kind of noise the other day using Serum. I got closest to it with a type of noise called "AirCan5" or "CymLoop" in combination with a HP filter 12db/oct with resonance, tried to pitch it up, tried some EQing... still not REALLY the sound!

Then I tried to search for special noise plugins or tutorials on noise online - no luck!
The second example is the background noise in the aaah sound from Binary Finary - the last thing that has remained a mystery while we were trying to recreate that sound. Here's that good old classic once again for your reference:


Hear it best if you skip to around 1:05 min.

Noise in trance songs seems more difficult to reconstruct than the lead or pad sounds which came as a real surprise to me. There's obviously not just white and pink noise but it seems to be a complete topic of its own.
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