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Post Tue May 04, 2021 3:44 am

brok landers wrote:
Tue May 04, 2021 2:10 am
Markus Krause wrote:
Fri Oct 02, 2020 10:40 am
BigTone is working for Apple now. That's why Nico can not longer do sounds for us (at least this is what he told me) . [...]
no. you must have misunderstood that. i have told you, that at that time i wasn't able to work for you, as i was busy on another commitment.
Thanks for clearing this up. I assumed you were not longer interested in creating sounds. Feel free to contact me if you're interested in doing projects
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Post Tue May 04, 2021 6:26 pm

Markus Krause wrote:
Sat Oct 03, 2020 11:30 pm
Since some people said our soundsets would be overpriced I did take a look at the current pricing of the competition.

Icarus sounds bundle
2291 sounds + wavetables for €189
Price per patch: 8 cent

Electra sounds bundle
4240 sounds for €189
Price per patch: 4 cent

Nemesis sounds bundle
1271 sounds for €139
Price per patch: 9 cent

Saurus sounds bundle
1415 sounds for €139
Price per patch: 9 cent

Diva soundset bundle
850 sounds for 109€
Price per patch: 13 cent

Hive soundset bundle
850 sounds for €103
Price per patch: 12 cent

Repro soundset bundle
400 sounds for €90
Price per patch: 22 cent

Nexus bundle (includes synth)
16000 sounds for €3989
Price per patch: 25 cent

Avenger expansions (sounds with additional content)
Price per patch: around 50 cent per sound
Hey man, I know criticism and requests are good but just letting you know you're killing it! We always wonder about what Tone2 is doing and the products are world class for producers. Definitely legendary music software for our age.

I guess a couple requests would be more preset packs with hiphop/trap because
Electra X is one of the industry standards in that genre. So if you were
able to get a sound designer that knew those sounds, producers would
come to the site more often to pick those up (third party designers make a lot of presets on Electra X as I'm sure you know all of this already). That's just a guess as
if that would be a good business move. Finding the best sound designers
for a collaboration would be awesome to see.

If there was an effects module, or some kind of sound processor that's
unique using Tone2 effects. Halftime, Gross beat, Effectrix or some
kind of mangler/time change/distorter type thing could be, in fact really

I don't know, I'm just typing. Have a good one.

EDIT: 2.8 maybe

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Post Wed May 05, 2021 1:35 am

Thanks for the feedback.

Electra2 indeed is very popular for Trap and HipHop. There is currently a new set for this genre in the works.

I also thought about a Tone2 effect-unit. It is possible that such a product will be available in the future.
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Post Wed May 05, 2021 5:31 am

To the last guess that,if Tone2 hire designers,which make typical sounds found inside others synths,that will sell better ,my first thoughts are that recreating one synth sound with another never give same result.
What i really like about Tone2 is fresh and original sound.
Unfortunately it's more easy to copy and sell something people already know as sound,than to invent and sell something new,which is bad for designers who put so much time and effort to invent new stuff.
However it's what it is...make love and music ,not conflicts :)
Cheers :)

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