June Contest: Radio hit - Closed

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Post Mon May 31, 2021 10:45 am

Do an original radio Hit 3 min in any genre from any year.
For example Modern 2021 hit or a song that would have been a hit in the 1930s

Submitted by June 26
Submissions MUST follow these rules:

1 - Encoded in either .mp3 .ogg (.Wav .Flac) format.
In use of Wav or Flac, you need to offer Mp3 also, so people can choose.

2 - Time Limit: 3 Min

3 - Entered into the contest by posting a DIRECT LINK (note: THIS MEANS A DOWNLOAD LINK) in this RULES & SUBMISSIONS thread (use the GOSSIP thread for everything else). If you cant provide a direct link, please contact one of the following people listed below, they will be happy to help you out. These people provide free hosting for the purpose of this contest only! They are not a hosting service. When contacting these people, please take the effort to understand the terms and conditions they provide.

2 - watto
3 - slartibartfast

In addition...
http://www.kara-moon.com/forum has offered "self service" space. Log into the forum to find out more.

4 - Submitted by June 26

5 - Your entry(s) must be composed specifically for this contest.

6 - Your entry(s) must be created with audio plugins or software studio.

7 - Your entry should have the FILE named in a format of "yearmonth_artistname_tracktitle" (eg "1909_MonDieu_OxygeneXVII.mp3"), where the artist name is the same as your KVR name. Please do not use spaces and special characters in the filename. Special considerations will be given to those that have the hosting agent change the file name.

8 - If you are going to tag your mp3--and you should--the artist name is to be the same as your KVR name, and the title tag is to be the name of your tune.

9 - One person can participate either with one entry, with one entry and one collaborative effort or with two collaborative efforts.

10 - Every submission has to be tagged with:
a) used instruments (virtual and 'real')
b) players' and singers' names (if other than entrant; collabs are allowed, sometimes encouraged, but they must be credited)
c) origin of loops and samples, if they're not free of copyright (this includes CreativeCommons material; please read and follow the license of the samples and loops you use); naming the origin of copyright free loops is also encouraged, but not mandatory. Please only use samples you are legally entitled to use.
d) name(s) of composer(s) -- if an entry is a cover this should be noted in the file name and/or the mp3 "Title" tag as well as the submission post (not everyone reads the submission posts).

11 - If there are strong doubts about the origin of the composition or parts of it, the participant should have the possibility to send a project file to the moderator, who could give it to a trustworthy person with the right host to examine it. Important: the participant should not be forced to do it.

12 - Resubmission of your track is allowed in the same post, so long you do it before the voting begins.

13 - Any tracks not adhering to these guidelines will be very naughty indeed. Possibly disqualified upon peer review. And at least mocked for all to point and giggle.

14 - Voting (members must have at least 20 posts to vote ... although contest entrants are exempt from this ruling) will run from the submission deadline. Anyone voting for themselves will find ALL their votes disqualified; any entrants not voting will also be disqualified.

If you have questions, send a private message to hellfog.
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Post Sat Jun 05, 2021 5:26 pm

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Here is my submission:
http://www.wonderful-music.com/wp-conte ... tyusha.mp3

This song was originally composed in 1938 by Matvey Blanter.
It became a popular hit during the next decade in Russia.

Arranged and produced by David Rubenstein
http://www.wonderful-music.com (http://www.wonderful-music.com)

As mentioned in the tags, the instruments are all virtual:
Domra: Ilya Efimov VST instrument
Guitar, Upright Bass: East-West Goliath VST instruments

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Post Thu Jun 10, 2021 11:30 am

It was the best of times, it was the worst of times, it was... the eighties.

Anyway, that is how I would describe the music. There is not much of it in my record collection, but the few albums I do own from that period are among my most treasured items.

I guess this track sits somewhere between New Wave and New Romantics. So the date I picked is 1982.

Unfashionably Late

Plugin instruments:
  • Arturia Mini V3 *
  • Ample Sound Guitar SC *
  • Addictive Drums 2
  • Ample Sound Metal Ray Bass *
  • TAL-J-8
  • Ample Sound Guitar LP
  • EastWest Hollywood Orchestra Percussion
Several effects were thrown in to make it sound dated, cheesy or overproduced. To name a few:
  • Flangers (on the 3 instruments indicated above with *)
  • Synth toms (pew pew percussion)
  • Reverse reverb
  • Timpani crescendo
  • And more cowbell obviously
Everything probably should have been totally drowned in reverb too but I just could not bring myself to go that far.

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Post Sat Jun 12, 2021 2:38 pm

60's inspired, groovy baby
Acustica N4 (610 pre–tapes-reverb) Cream2
Amplitube 4/5 Free
Audio Assault Transient
Klanghelm MJUC
Melda Mcompressor
NI Vintage Organs
PSP E27-preQursor2-Twin-L
Studio One drum loop
Toneboosters EQ V4 Reelbus V4
Waves L3
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Post Sun Jun 13, 2021 7:45 pm


Not my thing at all but here goes. I think I'm straddling the 80s and 90s with this Platinum certified classic.

Created in Reaper with:

Real stuff:
Peavey Rotor EXP guitar
Audio Technica AT2020 microphone

Computer stuff:
Kontakt 6 (Drum Lab, Synthophone and YouKnow6)
Vocal Synth 2
Ozone 9

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Post Sun Jun 20, 2021 2:20 am

Here's my entry

Year = 2022
Genre = Weirdstep

https://soundcloud.com/3lu5iv3/2106-3lu ... oken-radio

Instruments = Surge
Samples = Cymatics Terror Drums
Effects = Major Tom Compressor, Event Horizon Limiter/Clipper
"I believe every music producer inherently has something unique about the way they make music. They just have to identify what makes them different, and develop it" - Max Martin

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Post Tue Jun 22, 2021 11:31 am

The year is 1969


Fender 'Fire' strat, Alesis solo tube pre, Shure beta58, H&K Tubemeister 5, Alesis Nanoverb, Rocktron Chameleon, Custom Jazz-bass, Zoom MS-60B, Electro Harmonix Soul Food, DigiTech FreqOut, Waldorf Rocket, Behringer model D
SW :
Minimogue VA, NI Bandstand, NI Battery, NI Massive, Lounge Lizard, Glaceverb, Camel space, KeFir, LFX-1310, Kjarehus classic bundle, Fusion Field, Trilogy

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Post Thu Jun 24, 2021 7:53 am

In an alternative universe, this band would have formed in the post Britpop mid to late 90's. They would have had a number of local gigs then been invited to appear 3rd on the bill at a London indie club. This gig would have been attended by John Peel's producer and, suitably impressed, they would have been invited to record a Peel Session. This appearance would have brought them to the attention of a minor indie record label and they would have been offered a one-off single deal. The single would be released and would become a minor hit on local radio leading to it entereing the charts at #38, reaching a peak of #35 the following week before falling out the charts. The band would soon break up and be a footnote in history. This would have been the A-side of that single.

A Day In The Life Of A Suburban Vampire

Tracktion 7

Peavey electric guitar
Squier bass guitar

Addictive Drums 2
Tracktion 4-Band EQ & Low/High Pass Filter
TDR Feedback Compressor & Nova
Vocal King
can't sing, can't play, looks awful.....

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Post Thu Jun 24, 2021 12:23 pm

From 'Yorkshire Gold - A History Of Pop In (the self-styled) God's Own County';

"....Roll Of The Dice', was an unexpected 1970 minor hit for 'Donkey And The Tuggs', riding on the back of the US wave of 'psychedelic soul', although it maybe owes more to the MC5, Stooges and their garage rock ilk, with a dollop of earlier UK psychedelia. The follow-up album, 'I Can't Get No Tugging Action' sank without trace, consisting as it did of long aimless stoned 'jams' and insane ramblings, and the band faded away into obscurity. It is believed the songwriter, the oddly monikered 'Donkey Tugger', later went on to work quietly for many years as a civil servant in Leeds. "

http://www.bennyleeds7.myfreeola.uk/06- ... e-dice.mp3

The unwitting stooges;

Variax Electric guitar
Analogue Drums Monotown drums for Kontakt
IK MODO bass
NI Vintage Organs for Kontakt
NI Session Brass for Kontakt
Some wailings.

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Post Thu Jun 24, 2021 10:49 pm

A jewish klezmer that could have been a radio hit nearly 100 years ago in Warsaw, Poland. Radio broadcasting in Poland started commercially 1925.

This is the second one, the first one I discarded because it sounded too much like a reshuffled source midi. This is my production pure.


progs MuseScore, Studio One
vst NI Kontakt player, Tx16wx, Taqsim, SF2 soundfonts


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Post Sat Jun 26, 2021 10:52 am

Inspired early to middle of 2000

Track 1

It was a very very quick mix.

Omnisphere, Hive 2, Cubase drum loop.
Vocals from internet, Eq, Maximizer.

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Post Sat Jun 26, 2021 2:13 pm

If the chorus is about sex, well - it must be a HIT, right ?
alt.title - The Fog of Love
An "Adult Alternative" just massive single from some point in the 21st century :clown:
https://soundcloud.com/mrnatural-1/0621 ... fore-a-hit
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