ATH m50x vs m40x headphones for mixing/composing

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look, i've had top of the line SHURE phones that had the same build as the 50$ ones, even if the sound was so incredible it gave me the ringing ears. i do fine at lower volumes now, and that means i can experiment with cheaper phones a little.

The Philips ones are on clearance rn, and many swear they are supposed to be the best cans they ever heard, even if they are open back, so absolutely everyone around you will hear you.

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Get plugin from toneboosters "Morphit" load the plug on your master channel and the audio technica m50x will sound straight calibrated the problem solved you do not have to look for more headphones.

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Or sonar works, or real phones or…….(insert other correction software here)

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Got an old pair of m50s bought in 2016, all beat up but works great. Still use them as additional monitors since I know them so well... should've replaced the peeling earpads/headband long ago but whatever. Affordable and OK for producing I guess.

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lol i gave away my m50x headphones to my moms boyfriend. they sucked after i bought m40x plus m50x is built for people with large heads and m40x for medium heads. i have had my m40x for like 3 years and they work flawlessly and have . they are very good for every task from music enjoyment to mixing, production to recording. they translate beautifully and are comfortable durable and built to last. they are perfect for music production in residences that enforce low tolerance noise ordinance and uh watching media of an adult based nature. lastly they hold in the sound which gives you a great level of realism and confidence in the creative process and a feeling of deeper connection to auditory environment.

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AstralExistence wrote:
Wed Jun 23, 2021 11:02 pm
m50x is built for people with large heads
All these years and I'm just now finding out I have a big head. :dog: :cry:
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