Best audio-to-MIDI solution for synthbass

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That’s a good call


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zerocrossing wrote:
Mon Aug 02, 2021 5:43 am
Here’s a tip: Don’t use a bass to trigger bass. Just set the octave to what you want and use a guitar at the highest register possible. This is because the software needs a few cycles to figure out the sound and the lower the sound the more time is needed to get a few cycles.
I HAVE to use the bass, 'cause the reason to consider audio-to-MIDI conversion is to play live with synthbass-like sound. I usually play it by hand, but covering for example Thriller - I'm very busy to play all the parts, and the bass line (it's groove and sound/bandwith) is essential to ever consider playing it live. If I want to use any other instrument to recognize notes, I'll use keyboard (I'm keyboard player with 30 years of experience), but it's a different story. My bassist don't play fancy lines, uses 4-string Fender Jazz Bass so there's a chance the software will catch up to what he's playing ;-). If it won't work, then I'll think about something else (hardware-based) or teach him how to play keytar :lol:

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Caroozo wrote:
Tue Aug 03, 2021 9:40 pm
[…] but covering for example Thriller -[…]
iirc, in the live set, this used to be a keytar thingie

can't see it in the (bad tour) videos
but i remember some songs were played with keytar

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