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Post Mon Sep 20, 2021 11:57 pm

I will sell / give almost for free *
I am cleaning up my PA account. Write something you need and propose a price, symbolic price. :-)

*from PA site:
"After you transfer any licenses, the person you transferred them to will have to pay a transfer fee of $20 per plugin before they can activate them. Dynamic Discounts will apply, so the buyer will save up to 60% when activating several transferred licenses at once. If you activate 6 plugins or more the fee goes down to $8 per plugin this way.

We will apply the same stepped discount for activation fees that we apply to plugin purchases, so you'll save 20% on 2 activations, 30% on3, 40% on 4, 50% on 5, and 60% on activations of 6 or more plugins."


Unfiltered Audio Sandman Pro and legacy versions
Unfiltered Audio G8
Unfiltered Audio Indent 2
Unfiltered Audio Indent
Unfiltered Audio Fault
Unfiltered Audio Dent 2
Unfiltered Audio Dent

Lindell Audio 6X-500
Lindell Audio 7X-500
Lindell Audio PEX-500

Brainworx bx_XL V2
Brainworx bx_boom!
Brainworx bx_meter

SPL Attacker
SPL Attacker Plus
SPL Mo-Verb Plus
SPL Mo-Verb
SPL De-Verb Plus
SPL De-Verb
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Post Fri Sep 24, 2021 2:29 pm

$25 Loyalty Voucher expires SOON!
(September 26 - 11:59 PM California Time) - gone

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