Hammershus Castle (Animation/Soundtrack)

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Post Mon Oct 18, 2021 3:40 am

I'm in the final stages of a very big project I've been working on for 4 years:
Hammershus Castle. Aside from soundtracks, I've made all the animation myself.

It is a reconstruction of one of the largest castles of Northern Europe, as it might have looked like in the 16th century in its heyday.

I'm starting off with a teaser:

If you want to get notified when the final castle animation is ready, you can subscribe to my channel.
It contains film soundtracks, medieval-inspired music and animations of castles, dragons and other medieval stuff.

I hope you like it.

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Post Mon Oct 18, 2021 4:49 am

sounds great and looks great. looking forward to the final version.
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Post Thu Oct 21, 2021 3:09 pm

Wonderful - you are evidently recreating these great
castles in Blender. It turned out really well! :tu:
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