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Cinebient wrote:
Sun Oct 24, 2021 4:02 am
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Sat Oct 23, 2021 11:56 pm
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Sat Oct 23, 2021 9:25 pm
3. Even the FX rack is cumbersome. You've got part FX, aux FX at the part level, then global FX for the various parts...ugh...stop trying to be a multi-timbral everything synth when you don't do anything else very well.
You don’t have to use it that way if you choose not to, but frankly, being able to assign effects per voice, per part and per layer is fantastic. The synths you mention don’t have anything nearly as flexible. Hive and Pigments have their effects just tacked on as an afterthought and you might as well just run U-He or Arturia’s other effects plugins because they’re better.
Totally agree with this.

I wish many more synths would integrate EFFECTS into the actual synth architecture itself, even per polyphonic voice! Especially Distortion/BitCrushing/EQ/notches/ring modulation etc.. stuff like this that usually gets put into the main filters, should be separate and would be awesome if they have full modulation capabilities without taking up the main filters. This would vastly increase the sound design potential of a synthesizer.

I'm really surprised that so few synthesizers over all these decades has done this. Camel Audio/Apple Alchemy is one of my favorites for this one reason alone. It has extreme flexibility when it comes to adding polyphonic basic "effects" within each voice. So awesome!
It is not only this. As they said in the latest Q and A. All members of Spectrasonic are also musicians and not only programmers.
Omnisphere has it flaws (for me at least) but it is made for performance and with lots of musical thoughts behind. F.e.example there are not much synths where you right click and have also things like sustain, sostenuto and most of the performance parameters etc. as modulation source.
Even as a "bad" musician I see all the benefits here compared to a lot other synths.
Omnisphere was and is still simple to use and to tweak for performing and live tweaking sounds. But you also can go deep inside sound design if you like.
I mean I personally prefer some other synths over Omnisphere but I see why it has such a large market and is a success story and it will be in the future.
The folks at KVR might not be the right market anyway, maybe more the kind of people on V.I.Control which have no time to bitch about missing features but making money with such tools and time is money :)
I bet there are plenty of KVR members that love Omnisphere. I remember when it first came out it was the darling of the forum for a while. I think part of the problem is that it’s just not in style at the moment and most people dismiss it as a “ROMpler.”

Let’s talk about the flaws for a bit, because I do think there are things that Spectrasonics could do to Omnisphere that would make it even more attractive.
  • My first request would be a few filters that were at least as good as Diva’s.
  • Filter FM would be awesome as well, but if you couldn’t choose a oscillator then something like Vital’s key tracked LFO would be OK.
  • Oversampling on all the effects that include distortion. Falcon added this and it made a big difference.
  • More robust sample capabilities. If they’d include Kontakt or UVI compatibility, that would be fantastic.
  • More and better granular options.
  • Better sounding Hard Sync, FM, Ring Mod, and Wave Shaping. Will oversampling fix it?
Anyway, those are what’s on my wish list. I’m not too butt-hurt about it not having those things because I have other tools that do those things very well, and some of them are still best done in hardware anyway. To those on the fence about Omnisphere, I suggest watching all the tutorials first and reading though the very well done manual. ... index.html
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If you’re considering Omnisphere just go to your bank withdraw $550 put it in your wallet. Drive to Guitar Center. Ask for Omnisphere. Close your eyes and reach into your wallet and grab your money and had it to the clerk.

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I’m trying to sell my license of Omnisphere. Where would I look to do that? Thanks

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XteryIco wrote:
Wed Oct 27, 2021 4:33 pm
I’m trying to sell my license of Omnisphere. Where would I look to do that? Thanks
First get permission from Spectrasonics, then post on the sell and buy sub-forum.

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