Looking for VSTS that have presets that mix well together out of the box

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Post Sun Nov 28, 2021 1:03 pm

Yeah I know this is going to infuriate the purists who feel you should create your own presets, and will want to strongly voice their opinion on the subject. And to be honest, that could well be at the root of my problem. But I tend to not have a lot of time to compose, and the time I do have I like to spend working out theoretical ideas rather than spending time finding presets that work well together. I find myself spending a lot of time going through a bunch of presets trying to find one that works with presets already present in the mix, which frequently makes me feel frustrated in the process and kills my workflow).

I think I would even appreciate hearing other people's process of putting musical ideas quickly, which would definitely help me maximize my limited time for composing.

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Post Sun Nov 28, 2021 1:08 pm

i know its not what you asked for :lol:
but have you ever demoed reason?
being the same company, you will find all the included instruments presets, fit together very well.
and at the same time is flexible enough if you choose to do some of your own too :)

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Post Sun Nov 28, 2021 1:17 pm

Use place holder sounds until you have rough arrangement done, later replace them with more appropriate ones when you finished composing and when you have idea about whole song structure.

If you can't find place holder sounds quickly, maybe spend time getting to know what you have there on disposal, maybe make favorites, favorite bank for bass, pad, leads, favorite samples, channel strips, dunno, just don't let your creativity suffer because of it.


This isn't the case of buying another VST, it's just the case of actually organizing yourself and your expectations.

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Post Mon Nov 29, 2021 10:55 pm

Use preset manager (built-in or external). In fact there are two - Native Kontrol / NKS and Akai VIP (not supported). At least for remixes I quickly drop my favourite presets to see how the tracks gets together, then try different sounds.

Then, there are tons of preset packs and construction kits around here.

For composing - I often use strings for that purpose. Monophonic or chords, arpeggio or legato... you can play everything with them.
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