What is the strangest synth you've encountered?

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Post Sun Dec 05, 2021 8:40 am

mcnelson wrote:
Sat Dec 04, 2021 1:46 am
Gribs wrote:
Mon Nov 29, 2021 3:42 pm
Synplant was definitely strange when I first tried it, but strange in a very good way. I so wish for a version 2, but it doesn't look like that is going to happen. I don't know what Magnus has been doing since he worked with Teenage Engineering to make the PO-32 (meh).
Version 2 was first mentioned back in 2013; every now and then someone asks about Synplant 2 on the Sonic Charge forum and is usually met with a non-committal reply. I own all of the SC plugin catalog, but I stopped giving a shit about Synplant 2 a couple of years ago.
Same here for both. I guess their personal and business lives are successful and fulfilling without developing a new version. As a tech person (entirely different field - optics and multi-physics primarily) myself, I get it. OTOH, they have what I perceive (could be wrong) as a strong and adoring customer base asking for a product. There are many other developers not in that position.

I bought Thermo and Fundamental as a package on sale. They are definitely strange. Thermo in particular is strange in the right way for me.

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Post Sun Dec 05, 2021 1:29 pm

Pretty much any by this guy: https://2mgt.st8.ru/ (I liked Evox enough to make a donation).


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Well, having reviewed a number of the synths mentioned here, it strikes me how many of them are from the digitally distant past, and some are no longer accessible. Was synth designing more exploratory years ago? But I'm glad to see a number of strange synths are more modern. I've been especially taken with Madrona Labs' Aalto for creating evolving soundscapes. I'm looking forward to checking out their upcoming Sumu.

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Post Wed Dec 08, 2021 8:47 pm

Virtual ANS , a software version of the Russian photoelectronic instrument. Weird and wonderful.

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Post Wed Dec 08, 2021 9:03 pm

And of course the UPIC. reborn in UPISketch:

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Maybe not the strangest, but Olga by Schwa/Stillwell was the most temperamental analog-style synth I ever played. Totally unpredictable. Sometimes it just blows up in your face and sometimes it just sounds like a sleeping kitten.
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