Speculative Machines December Set posted

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Post Sun Dec 05, 2021 9:13 am

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"Unfolding Verge": Tchaaha, which edge is unfolding here? In any
case, here is a straight, almost robot-like groove, which
enriched with electronic elements aurally adorns an extremely
synthetic future world. :o

The style is maintained, so that over time an unreal, strangely
futuristic feeling arises and develops meditatively. Thus the
picture fits very well with this track. The length of the track
increases the meditative flowing character even more.

This track could work wonderfully in a futuristically stylish
in-pub. It would give just the right auditory background to it.
But I could also imagine it for a science fiction film, such as
"When I collected ice in Jupiter orbit".

Overall, a great, inspiring and conclusive track! :tu:
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