Electric C - Clavinet D6 ?

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2022 will mark 3 years since Clavinet D6 instrument has become available for Halion users.

Your website states: "We meticulously tracked down a genuine 1974 Clavinet model, lovingly restored it and recorded it via tube preamps to bring the energetic, dynamic tones of a musical legend".

Your effort is highly commendable, but can Kontakt users finally enjoy Clavinet D6 library in 2022 too, please?

One important feature that the Halion version seems to be missing is a pickup switch selector. Without pickup switches, the functionality and tone shaping capabilities of Clavinet are substantially limited. Just as if you would remove the 5-way pickup selector from a Fender Stratocaster.

I believe this could be improved in the Kontakt version by adding the option for pickup switches and sampling all Clavinet pickup positions and variations. So it wouldn't be a direct copy of the Halion version, but an improved and more advanced virtual instrument.

Thank you for reading and I hope you take this request into consideration for 2022.

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