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Post Sat Nov 26, 2022 1:34 pm

hi guys,

i dont get the Korg Migration topic, i still have my account on Korg Net and see there is a Upgrade Coupon which i just tried out on KORD ID and it showed me the price of $199 to upgrade to Korg Collection 4.
but what is the Migration Coupon? why do i need it or do i need to to it?

can i keep my legacy installers/vsts active? or will it get replaced 1:1 with the new versions?

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Post Sat Nov 26, 2022 3:01 pm

If I remember correctly their plan was to close down Korg Net site and move everything to the new site. The migration coupon is to migrate your old Korg Net licenses to the new site and with the upgrade get a new license for all of the included instruments in the new collection which would include your old instruments. They are now using a program, Korg Software Pass that takes care of authorizations of your plugins and downloads the installers. I know a lot of people find this to be a bad thing but I find it to be useful as it also keeps you notified of any updates that are released compared to what is installed. I hope this helps.

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Post Sat Nov 26, 2022 4:53 pm

Yeah i just migrated from the old Korg to the new Korg a few days ago.

So let me try to explain how it works because it ain't too straightforward :

- Make an account on the new Korg and make sure that you are logged in there
- Login on old Korg
- Click on "migrate coupons" on old Korg (right side of screen)
- You will get list of plugins you own, and each will show a link, plus a code. (old Korg)
- Click on the link, it will direct you to a page on the new Korg shop
- Copy and paste the corresponding code in the coupon field, add coupon
- That product will now cost nothing
- Go through the check-out procedure, select 'no payment method required'.

Repeat all these steps for every product you own. It's important to do every 'migration coupon' in a single check-out. Multiple products at once won't work. (i had to do it 7 times i believe).

Once you're done, you'll get new codes for all your products, by e-mail.

- Dowload their 'Software Pass' and run it
- Click 'register new product'
- Copy/paste the code from the e-mail you got from the new Korg
- Install product

This is all a bit cumbersome, but now you've migrated everything and can download newer versions, plus demo everything else.
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