Software: What are your JAGS, Starters, All Pros and Hall of Famers?

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Post Sat Nov 26, 2022 3:28 pm

In sports, there's like 4 tiers of players:

4.) JAGS; just average guys/girls (take it or leave it, nothing special)
3.) Starters: mainly holding a place until something better replaces it
2.) All Pros: your go to's when the game is on the line
1.) Hall of famers: nothing more to say

If you had to assemble a team of software to tackle a song, what developers/titles make your four tiers?

Maybe we can add FX and Special Teamers (idea generators, midi players, etc) too...

Let's go...

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Post Sat Nov 26, 2022 7:03 pm

Ia that the best you've got?

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Post Sat Nov 26, 2022 11:45 pm

tdm71 wrote: Sat Nov 26, 2022 3:28 pm In sports, there's like 4 tiers of players:
Never heard most of that terminology. Guessing the sports are USA? There's a world of sports outside the US.

Whats the obsession with lists anyway? I don't get it.
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Post Sun Nov 27, 2022 12:08 am

My favourite Jag is the old XJ-S but oh boy, that thing was a disaster. Awful build quality.


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Post Sun Nov 27, 2022 12:32 am

Yet another ‘whats your favourite’ 🤦‍♂️
I wonder what happens if I press this button...

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