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Blofeld GM SoundBank

Two years ago i started looking for a small desktop hardware rompler that had acoustic and electro acoustic instruments to use in my live performances. It should be something like a Korg Triton rack or an E-mu rack rompler, like the Virtuoso 2000 or the Proteus 2000. I could not find such a device, thought. And i didn't wanted to travel gigs with a huge rack like the ones i have mentioned. So i started looking for a sample player that i could customize to behave like one of those units. That was when the Waldorf Blofeld with the SL extension came to my mind. The Blofeld only has 60 MB of memory storage available, but coming from samplers that used floppy disks i knew that with the right loop points on each sampled note many things could be done. After two years of hard work, sampling gear and finding the perfect loop points i am about to finish the Bofeld GM Soundbank. It works as a GM module by simply switching the Blofeld to multitimbral mode. Then, you oly have to press play in your midi player, the Blofeld will receive each midi track's program change and it will set the correct patches for each channel. My main goal with this project was to have a small orchestra inside a little box (the Blofeld is 13 cm by 30 cm) to use in my live performances. The Blofeld GM Bank has strings with many articulations, acoustic pianos, electric pianos, vocal choirs, acoustic basses, guitars, saxophones, trumpets, clarinets, vibraphones, xylophones, lots of exotic chromatic percussion and acoustic and electronic drums.

All the presets are based in multi sampled instruments, except for the drum sounds.
All the percussion elements are tuned and can be played chromatically.
All the stabs and one shot vocals are tuned and can be played chromatically.

Will post a few demos soon.
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