Your opinions about current Jackson Pro and MJ guitars?

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Post Thu Nov 03, 2022 3:27 am


I'm interested in experiences about the currently available Jacksons. I have no chance to test them out for the time being, so looking for some opinions besides Google searches and YouTube videos.

What are your impressions on the Jackson Pro RR24 and its build quality / materials and finish?
I don't expect them to be perfect, and while it's meant to replace an also not perfect (but indeed well-made) Chapman Pro ML V Modern, I'm easily annoyed by badly done finishes or fingerboards and poor QC.
Also, how does the finish 'strip' in the upper part of the neck feel?

I'm also looking for a good quality superstrat with a more versatile sound, and was looking at a Jackson Dinky MJ. How is the QC on these at the moment? MJs cost almost twice as the Pro series, meaning this time around I do expect them to be perfect :)
Background: my main guitar is a Japan made ESP EX. I've almost exclusively played ESP/LTD EX/V in the last 20 years, but I know Jackson necks / fingerboards will work just fine for me, as I've had the chance to play friend's Soloists, Rhoads and Dinkys some years back (also owned a Fusion / Dinky, but that was almost 30 years ago) and found them great.

Curious to hear what owners' opinions are. Thanks a bunch in advance!

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Post Sat Nov 12, 2022 10:11 am

I've got a current Jackson JS 32 Dinky. The build quality is near perfect, It's a good guitar not a great guitar. My only issues are with the Jackson licensed Trem. The block isn't as heavy as an FR so it' doesn't get the sustain, and their is a deadzone between up and down bending with it. It's an archtop with the body being Indian Cedro which is closer to Bassword than mahogany. That gives the tone a "warm thud" close to an LP custom (not standard) tone from the bridge pup it doesn't bring out highs and lows like others in it's class. Think of it like an Alex Lifeson Rushtonality Fast neck lots of fun.

To my ears the new Jackson USA have zero difference to the DK2 tonally.
If you are loking for "That 80's HSS sound"


Recently I've been looking at the new Kramer Guitars. Unlike FMIC Charvel/Jackson which has various pricing structures for every budget Kramer is Budget friendly. Gibson owns Kramer and you can expect current Epiphone quality build. As much as I've hated Epi's in past years I can't say anything negative about my Epi Joe Pass with regards to build quality for price. Tone wise it will never match higher end hollow body boxes

The two Kramers with hss
I had an original Stage Master back in the 80's It was awesome. Expensive, amazing and uncomfortable for me to play being such a big and heavy guitar. The current SM offered by Kramer I have not personally tested but I find it a good recreation of the original tone. The current SM1 appears to be considerably smaller than the original.


I love these and am seriously considering purchasing one. I love the harmonics
Synapse Audio Dune 3 I'm in love

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Post Wed Nov 16, 2022 10:27 am

Thank you for the reply, Mike. Funny you mention Kramer, I saw an old one on eBay and was about to get it. I don't play one since the early '90 when I played some Metallica and Slayer covers with a guy who had one :-)

A friend of mine also got a JS32 recently and said the same about the construction. Impressive for the price.

I'll soon be able to answer my own question - was home with Corona for a week, angry and depressed, so yesterday I took the plunge and got the Dinky MJ to lift me up.

Will wait to sell the Chapman to get the Rhoads... or just keep the Chapman and wait 9-10 months and get also the RR Pro.

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Post Mon Dec 05, 2022 2:19 am

After having played the Jackson Dinky MJ (transparent blue burst finish) for a couple weeks, I'm leaving my impressions here, should anyone be asking the same question or simply be interested in this.

The guitar is really great, good materials, good manufacturing, well set up with no fret buzz despite the low action, fantastic neck/fretboard, Speed Neck profile is very comfortable and fast, very good bridge/tuners and the DiMarzio pickups rock (mostly high gain extreme metal here, but the cleans are great, too. Very versatile), and looks awesome.
I immediately replaced the strings with 010-46 and tuned to D Standard.

A couple details I didn't expect from a guitar in this price range that annoyed me a little, but nothing deal-breaking:

1. The fretboard still spits out sort of a blue colour/powder when cleaned, left-over of the paint job or finishing the paint job, will take a while to completely get rid of it... seems to never end. One usually covers the fretboard when doing that kind of stuff...
2. The locking nut needed to have the screws tightened down. I noticed abnormally sharp lower strings after tuning and tightening the clamping blocks: having read that others had similar experience, I went straight to check that... but it would have taken longer to find out if I didn't hear about it.

This will be my main guitar along with the ESP EX Standard Series from now on, they complement well when recording.

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