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Modular Synth design and releases (Reaktor, SynthEdit, Tassman, etc.)
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I think this is pretty big news
ONly thing to consider


VCO Block Size Considerations
All the Surge VCOs generate samples in blocks of 8, snapping the CV output at the start of the block and smoothing to that value as an end of block target. In almost all music applications this is unnoticable, but there are two consequences

Trigger events are processed every 8 samples, resulting in an amortized 4 sample delay on triggers; and
Audio-rate modulation has some aliasing issues. Very high notes or bright sounds likely won’t sound pleasant.

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They are now included in Cardinal as well.
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Post Thu Feb 02, 2023 1:42 am

Just updated to 2.1 last week, with a few new modules!

Also note, the block size thing is different for different modules. Notably the Waveshaper processes everything per-sample, so that one is a great target for AM/RM-esque sounds. :)

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Post Sun Feb 26, 2023 3:08 pm

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