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Recently, I have seen Audio Assault release a new piece of guitar software called Snapshot Maker and Snapshot Player.
Linked here -> ... shot-maker

From reading about it, it seems to be a guitar amp modelling platform with amp captures. Pretty much in a similar ballpark as the likes of Neural Amp Modeller and AIDA-X. While those two plugins use AI model training, Snapshot Maker supposedly does things differently. The following description is from the site...
Snapshot Maker
A multi platform application for capturing your amp setups in digital form.

Use our non-AI pure DSP automatic modeling technology to faithfully capture your rigs in your own computer.

No gpu needed, recreate your amp/cab in 30 seconds!


• Create Full Rig/Amp Head Snapshots in seconds
• Realistic Tonestack Generation
• Power Amp Emulation
• Create Snapshots at any Sample Rate

*A Recording Interface with at least 2 inputs and 3 outputs is recommended!

The snapshot maker license includes a license Snapshot Player
The Details of the capture process aren't fully explained there so that leaves me to wonder how it's done and how accurate it can be. Unlike NAM or AIDA-X, SnapshotMaker is not free (not even the player version) and with no demo to try out, I'm somewhat cautious about the idea of buying it to try it out.

If anyone else has any opinions on this app (whether they've used it or not), Feel free to share your thoughts here.



There is indeed a demo, you try it out inside Amp Locker.

At the price $5 for Player and $5 for each of the 2 addons, $15 for the Maker, your not really taking a big risk if you just jump in ;)

You might find it is better than the price may suggest. It would be good if the addon side of things took off a bit, and the app itself gets updated with some features from the likes of TONEX etc.

I think its well worth it for the price, even if it goes no further.

Having said that it won't be taking me away from TONEX :D not yet anyway :wink:
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I've used it to profile a few of my combos . It's considerably quicker than Tonex if you have a dinosaur PC! Takes about 30 seconds v 2 hours for Tonex on standard setting my 2013 i3 desktop.

in terms of accuracy, I've done fair comparison tests with Tonex before where I'd record a few riff's while capturing the DI and the output of the amp mic's up in the configuration I wanted to profile. Running the DI back once the amp was captured and Tonex always seemed about 90 - 95% accurate based on this.

Trying the same with snapshot maker it's about 70 - 80% accurate to the original rig. Tonex captures more of the mid range and top end detail but in a mix probably be negligible. For 30 seconds capture time it's pretty damn good really.

I do like other Audio Assault amp sims and their Amp Locker ecosystem is nice (reminiscent of Amplitude 4 , so pretty easy to use) . You can use your own captures within it so you can add delay reverb etc

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