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I don't have the hardware to try it from here.

I found these videos that might help, but I would check the manual for more details.

If you click on where it says Youtube at the bottom left of the video, you'll see the full series of videos appear on the right side:
https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=P ... GURHqthVu5


Drakus79 wrote: Wed Jul 10, 2024 2:08 pmI've imported z-core files before and usually it gets assigned to tones under user, but I didn't see it there.
I'm reading the Reference Manual. Don't have a Fantom in front me.

Zen-Core Synth Engine: 1 Tone consists of 4 Partials and each Partial = 1 sound source (Example: Multisample you earlier imported).

Means you should be able to assign the imported SVZ file in 1 partial after successful import.

I can't find it in the manual. Do you know where to assign sound sources to Partials?

I can only find ... Creating a Tone with Multiple Multisamples
(MULTISAMPLE VIEW) >> Reference Manual p90


Yes, in tone edit in the OSC PRM menu, if your OSC type is set to PCM, you can assign a sample to each of the 4 partials. But i don't know how to assign each note to a key on the keyboard.If you only use one partial only certain notes on the keyboard work. I tried assigning C0 to partial1, C1 to partial2, C2 to partial3 and C4 to partial4. The lower notes play correctly (as long as you don't play the black notes) but once you get past C4 every note is the same until you reach G5 then the pitch is really high.It's really confusing, I'm ready to give up honestly. I can't find anywhere that shows you how to do this. I even tried uploading the manuals to chatgpt and seeing if it could help but it just gives me wrong information.


I think I found out how you can import a sample set first as individual WAVs into Fantom-06, combine them there to a multisample and save that multisample as a Tone. :wink:

Download >>> OP-X Pro-II - Lucky Man Solo II WAVs.zip <<<

I'm referring to the method described in the Fantom-06 Reference Manual page 85/86: Importing Multiple Audio Files (To Multisample)

Please be careful. In step 6, use the following settings:

Loop Mode = FWD (Forward)
Normalize = Off
Emphasis = Off

Mapping Pattern:

| c0 c#0 |
| d0 d#0 e0 |
| f0 f#0 g0 |
| g#0 a0 a#0 |
| b0 c1 c#1 |
| d1 d#1 e1 |
| f1 f#1 g1 |
| g#1 a1 a#1 |
| b1 c2 c#2 |
| d2 d#2 e2 |
| f2 f#2 g2 |
| g#2 a2 a#2 |
| b2 c3 c#3 |
| d3 d#3 e3 |
| f3 f#3 g3 |
| g#3 a3 a#3 |
| b3 c4 c#4 |
| d4 d#4 e4 |
| f4 f#4 g4 |
| g#4 a4 a#4 |
| b4 c5 c#5 |
| d5 d#5 e5 |
| f5 f#5 g5 |
| g#5 a5 a#5 |
| b5 c6 |

Bold notes = Actual samples and root keys

Again: I can't predict if the loop data (stored in each WAV header) gets recognized by Fantom-06. Fingers crossed! Please let me know. :wink:

If you have further questions, don't hesitate to ask. :phones:


IMPORTANT: If you didn't already downloaded the WAVs, all good. BUT if you downloaded already, please download the WAVs again and replace.

Roland = Middle C = C4 = 60 (MIDI Note Number) :dog:

I did it wrong in the first run, but now it should be fine. :pray:

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