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Postby glokraw; Fri May 04, 2018 12:04 am Re: The linux DAW thread

Thanks for sharing the info, very encouraging.
Arch users always seem to score early and often :wink:
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Postby NystagmusE; Sat May 12, 2018 8:52 pm MX Linux

I am currently having success with MX Linux 17 32-bit PAE and some RT kernels with Wine and 32-bit Windows REAPER. I use REAPER in WASAPI mode and Wine in PulseAudio mode. I have manually edited the PulseAudio preferences files for lower latency, and set the kernel parameters to include THREADIRQS, as mentioned in the AVLINUX manual. I got rid of a few things like CUPS and disabled some stuff I don't need to have running.

This has turned out to be much easier to config for audio than my previous Ubuntu Studio, Xubuntu, and even AVLINUX installs. I'm really happy with it.

I also am using FL Studio and a ton of freeware VST instruments and effects.
I was able to resurrect my old drum sample library, so I should be back into making deep music soon!

I just wanted to share this so people know, "don't give up hope", Linux can be great, even with PulseAudio, even without some specialty repos, even without JACK or JACK2 running, even without Carla, even without FeSTige... although, all of those are great!
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Postby glokraw; Sun May 13, 2018 5:13 pm Re: The linux DAW thread

It's a good collab to have Mepis and antiX folks teamed up
for MX Linux, two groups that pushed for progress and
sensible innovation. You can't hardly cross the dance floor
without hearing some dood news. I used Mepis for quite a while
many years ago, and burned an antiX cd, probably late 2016,
but had no time to use it.

I'd be interested in any plugin/standalone config choices
regarding wasapi mode, sometimes something special comes along,
but needs a different way to get it working.

Is there a wineHQ repository for MX such that wine-staging
can be installed, and are the RT kernels part of the MX repos?
Thanks for posting the good news! The more choices, the better :hyper:
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Postby glokraw; Thu May 17, 2018 9:33 pm Re: The linux DAW thread

https://www.linuxmusicians.com/viewtopi ... 48&t=18535

The Guitarix developer has been using schematics for some
recent plugin creations, and has made a new power amp plugin,
and posted the schematics he created, and some design notes.
Guitarix itself can be most anything you want for your guitar,
plugin host, ampsim suite, parts fitted in other chains etc,
and gets frequent updates and additions.

There is a handy app called jalv.select that gives you
a gui to selct and load a single lv2 plugin and preset,
as standalone jackd apps, so GxSuperFuzz routed to
Cream Machine, for a quick jam etc



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