What does anyone think of this (shrt Piano piece)

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Post Mon Jan 01, 2007 10:11 am

It's taken alot for me to post this as it's from within but don't let that alter your opinion I would like honesty.

Breif outline, I make Trance, I love most music But most of all I love Trance and some contempory classical.
I have no music background whatsoever, no theory behind me I have books on thoery but cannot grasp it by myself (and im not dedicated enough) nor can play I any instruments.
Everything I know about music and production is self taught from good forums like this, couple books but mostly listening and learning.

I had this tune in my head, some bass chords, As I can't play piano I had to sequence them out hence why it sounds too 'Timed' and no velocity either.
I continued to create a higher note motif bit, and some strings It's all bread and butter GM stuff but this came from nowhere, I just sat down and it came out of me.I didn't sit and try to produce something pianoy i just sat down and messed about.

From the example do you think it's an avenue I should explore, classical type stuff that is. I would love to but afraid that'll I'll get knocked back about the complexity of trying to produce it and other niggles. I would like to continue this piece and make it slightly more complex but still minimal and most of all interesting and emotional (i feel it holds some emotion at the moment) But I dont know how to make this kind of stuff lol, when I try I can't when I dont it happens. but now im trying !

In a nutshell I would like to know if my short clip holds any merit. Or if it is exactly where it came from...nothing.

Many thanks, and sorry for the waffle...bloody hangovers!



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Post Mon Jan 01, 2007 7:01 pm

Yes, the idea is fine but the execution is mechanical and emotionless from a listeners point of view. You need to practice piano and get some feeling into it. that style works for trance but if you are trying to convey your emotions to humans, you have to lay off the the quantize and play. theres absolutly nothing wrong with what you have done but when you slow a song down (say less than 100 bpm) it becomes very apparent that you are using a quantize function. Play and record without correction even if it's only for 2 or 3 bars at a time until you get it. thats the beauty of modern DAW.
This could be great and many great ideas start off with little ditty's like this...
"In a sky full of people, only some want to fly,
Isn’t that crazy?"

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